About Department

Department of biotechnology was started in the year 2002-2003. The department is emphasizing on imparting basic knowledge for research and development and gaining expertise in skills through on hand training of the personnel to create individuals with a competitive edge to meet the challenges of the ever changing scenario of industries.

M.Tech (Bioinformatics) was started in the academic year 2011 


B.E 45 students

M.Tech-18 students


Worldwide research is drastic in the field of Biotechnology and Bio-Engineering. To cater to the global requirement of trained manpower, University has introduced Biotechnology Course in Engineering with a view to blend the Bio science and Technology for better yield and results.


The Department is emphasizing on imparting knowledge in various fields like Chemical engineering, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Bio Modeling as per the curriculum developed by the University. Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated staff members are the backbone of the department.

Well equipped, Sophisticated, Precision and State of the Art laboratories are the center of attraction in the campus. Adequate number of equipments helps in carrying out the research work.

Another major strength of the department is its extensive collection of Technical Books, Periodicals and Journals that helps the staff and students to aquire their knowledge with latest technology developments.

Eminent scientists and experts are invited from various industries to interact with our students, contributing an insight into practical application areas.



To develop technologically competent socially responsible and humane engineers capable of working in multicultural environment.



To establish academic excellence, encouraging research capabilities in biotechnology and nurturing the potential to form into socially responsible and value based biotechnology engineers


Programme Educational Objectives

To make students

1.  Acquire basic skills in various disciplines and emerging areas of biotechnology.

2.  Pursue higher education and research with long term learning.

3.  Perform as an individual and / or member of a team with professional and ethical behavior


Programme outcomes

After graduation students will be

a)     Able to apply knowledge of biology, mathematics and engineering

b)     Able to design and conduct experiments, as well as to analyze and interpret data.

c)      Able to investigate and analyze complex biotechnological problems through  integrated approach.

d)     Able to use of biotechnology for environment protection.

e)     Able to function individually as well as in teams efficiently.

f)       Able to identify, formulate and solve biotechnology engineering problems.

g)     Able to undertake professional and ethical responsibility.

h)     Able to communicate effectively.

i)       Able to integrate engineering and biological sciences to develop systems and processes for improved health, bio resource utilization and cleanup of environment.

j)       Able to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools necessary for biotechnology.

k)     Able to be aware of the developments in biotechnology and continual updating of  skills.

l)       Able to manage projects successfully.


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