From 2005 and onwards, Civil Engineering field started booming. Following reasons can be attributed to this: After USA and other western countries have lost their grips over their economic developments, under-developing countries like India and China started shining in the fields of Computer Science, Electronics & Communications, and Information Technology (IT). IT companies were in need of large number of high rise buildings, residential buildings, industrial buildings and infrastructures for their smooth operations in India. Therefore construction industry in India started booming. Construction industry is in need of large number of B.E (Civil Engg) and Diploma Civil Engineering graduates for construction sites and various consulting offices spread all over the State and Country.

The Department of Civil Engineering was established in 2008 i.e eight years after the inception of our Institute. The youngest department in GMIT - and has since, in such a short stint, shot up into a centre of excellence in B.E in Civil Engineering. In addition to expertise teaching, the Department also offers the best practical knowledge with State-of-the-art laboratories.

Students are also encouraged to take up live projects as a part of their final semester curriculum so that they can get a hands-on experience before they get placed.

Highly qualified and dedicated faculties, well trained and experienced supporting staffs, backed by a progressive management, state of the art laboratories, classrooms, department library facilities and infrastructure provide a conducive environment for the pursuit of academic excellence. The department is geared to soar into greater heights of excellence and achievement in the days to come.


To produce Civil Engineers with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, who can be entrusted by the society to lead a sustainable world with enhanced quality of life and to become the fountain heads of new ideas and innovation.

To effectively train our students as Civil Engineers who can serve the society competently, collaboratively and ethically as
Leaders of the natural environment and its resources
Graduates to get skills, knowledge in research and enterpreneurable activities
Graduates with highly ethical and socially responsible Engineer.

1.) Become competent and engaged engineering professionals, applying their technical and managerial skills in the planning, design, construction, operation or maintenance of the built environment and global infrastructure.

2.) Utilizing their skills to analyze and design systems, specify project methods and materials, perform cost estimates and analysis and manage technical activities in support of civil Engineering projects.

3.) Graduates will produce engineering designs that are based on sound principles and that consider functionality, aesthetics, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability.

4.) Established an active program of lifelong learning including studies leading to professional licensure or an advanced degree in engineering that provides for continued development of their technical abilities and management skills and attainment of professional expertise.

5.) Graduates will active a high level of technical expertise so that they are able to succeed in positions in civil engineering practice or research and in other fields they choose to pursue.

6.) Graduates will develop their communication skill in oral, written, visual and graphic modes when working in teams so that they can actively participate in their communities and their profession.

7.) Graduates will be leaders, both in their chosen profession and other activates.


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