Department of Civil Engineering



  • BE Civil Engineering Intake: 60

About department


To impart Civil Engineering knowledge through quality training throughout the course and hence develop a workforce of Civil Engineering graduates who can be trusted globally.


1. By empowering the students to analyse, design and develop solution to the real world problems with the concepts and latest knowledge of Civil Engineering.
2. To inculcate design skills, investigation and application techniques providing the knowledge of research methodology.
3. By gradual transformation of students into socially responsible professionals with ethics and entrepreneurable skills.

Programme Educational Objectives

1. To become competent and engaged engineering professionals, applying their technical and managerial skills in the planning, design, construction, operation or maintenance of the built environment and global infrastructure.
2. To enhance entrepreneurial, communication and other soft skills, which will enable them to work as leaders, team members and contribute to nation building for the betterment of the society.
3. Graduates will produce engineering designs that are based on sound principles and that consider functionality, aesthetics, safety, cost effectiveness and sustainability.
4. Graduates will exhibit interest in lifelong learning including studies leading to professional licensure or an advanced degree in engineering that provides for continued development of their technical abilities and management skills and attainment of professional expertise.

Departmental Activities

Several activities are conducted under the banner of PYRAMID Click here to view

Department Staff details

Name of staff Designation Qualification Experience Profile
1 Dr.S.L ArunkumarAsst.Professor & HODM.Sc.,Ph.D.,RBV.22View details
2 Y.B Bharatharaj EtigiAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech11View details
3 B.K VarunAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech06View details
4 Punith C.GAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech06View details
5 Kiran Kumar H.SAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech05View details
6 Mohammed YaseenAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech05View details
7 Virupaksha H.VAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech04View details
8 Swamy L.VAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech04View details
9 Harish B.AAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech04View details
10 Pradeep S.PAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech2.5View details
11 Kiran Kumar C.MAsst.ProfessorB E., M.Tech01View details
12 Puttaraj M HAsst.ProfessorB E.,M.Tech02View details

Department Non-Teaching Staff details

Name of staff Designation Qualification Experience Profile
1 Naresh O SForemanBE (CV)09 Years
2 S ShivakumarInstructorDiploma (CV)06 Years
3 Prasanna Kumar SInstructorDiploma (CV)06 Years
4 Patil S SInstructorDiploma (CV)03 Years
5 AmruthaInstructorDiploma (CV)NA

Department Contact details


Dr. S.L.ArunKumar
Dept.of Civil Engineering
Ph.No.08192233345,233377,252777 Ext 120, 143