Facilities: Sports & Culture

Department of Physical Education and Sports

GMIT campus provides the adequate facilities for the empowerment of sports activities of students to ensure the physical development. Sports are one arena which moral and personal development occurs by both imitation and initiation. The campus has an indoor stadium providing the fine infrastructure. GMIT has multi-furniture GYMNASIUM with modern equipment's. Students attend GYM to keep healthy. There are sophisticated indoor and outdoor sports facilities available to refresh the minds of students. Cricket, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Throwball, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho, Hockey and Athletics grounds are located in a mini stadium in the campus. Many students of GMIT have been transfigured as state and national champions in various sports and games. GMIT ensures all the possibilities for a student to get the best endeavours in overall development.



Ashwini B.A (MBA)
3rd Prize
Bronze, 2016, Power Lifting

Parashuram K(MBA),1st Prize,Gold Medal
Nagaveni H.M(MBA),3rd Prize, Bronze
Ashwini B.A (MBA), 3rd Prize, Bronze

Govind S.L(Mech)
2nd Prize
Dasara long jump, 2016

Kiran & Team
2nd Prize,Silver Medal
Dasara Sports Hockey, 2016

Adarsha & Team
1st Prize, Gold Medal
Dasara Sports Table Tennis, 2016

Parashuram K
2nd Prize, Silver Medal
Judo, 2015

Manisha M Kabbur Civil
1st Prize, Gold Medal
Karate, 2015