The Department of Engineering Physics is dedicated to providing access to fundamental concepts of physics to engineering students. It is mainly a supporting Department to the main branches of Engineering.

It was started as Physics Department in 2001. The Department was mainly intended for teaching physics for B.E courses since its inception. It has a Physics Laboratory with dark room. The Department has strived hard since its inception, in systematizing and upgrading the standards of teaching Physics to Engineering students. The Department also serves as a source of expertise for the local community where Parents/guardians are educated about the role of discipline, hard work, in academic achievements and future career of their wards. The Department is committed to teaching, research and service as well as achieving the highest level of professional competence.

Physics courses provide excellent training in problem solving skills as well as insight into the behavior of the universe. Physics is being applied to some of the most pressing problems facing society today, such as dwindling energy resources, environmental problems, etc,. Physics has innumerable applications in Mechanical, Electrical and Civil Engineering.

Although our role is restricted to I year teaching now, we hope that we will be useful when the college fully develops with post graduate courses, where interdisciplinary research is a must, for any developing Institution. We are waiting for such a good time to project our capacity in the academic development of the Institution.

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