Srishyla Educational Trust(R), Bheemasamudra

About Srishyla Educational Trust (R)


Srishyla Educational Trust (R), Bheemasamudra, Chitradurga Dist. Karnataka was formed in the year 2000. Formed by well known philanthropist, social visionary and statesman Late.Sri. G. Mallikarjunappa, the then member of the Parliament with the sole objective of providing quality education to rural, semi-urban youth of this region. Now this Trust has Educational Institutions starting from High school to Post graduate programmes.

Objectives of the Trust :

  • To provide quality education to students and thereby contributing committed and dedicated work force with high efficiency to face any kind of challenges of the Country.
  • To serve the society in all spheres of Education, Research and Innovations through advanced, Hi-Tech, Scientific Technological Knowledge and Skills.

About the Trustees

  • Today, Srishyla Educational Trust is being managed by GM group. GM Group through its Trust has been serving the society by establishing various educational institutions from high school education to post graduation programmes. This is to cherish the desire of the noble visionary Late. Sri. G. Mallikarjunappa the founder Chairman. The GM Institute of Technology is one of the flagship institutions of the Srishyla Educational Trust (R) which was established in the year 2001-02.
Sri. G.M. Prasanna Kumar M.Tech
Sri. G M Lingaraju B.Com
Sri. G S Anith Kumar B.B.M
Member Trustee