Secretary, SET(R), Bheemasamudra

Secretary speaks

Sri. G M Lingaraju B.Com

Technology has been changing very rapidly for the last two decades. Dynamics of change correlate with improvement in standards of life, with specific reference to facilities complementing society and science mutually. This necessitates the Engineering education to be in a state of continuous transition.

Engineers throughout the world today are compelled to confront dramatic changes in the environment contributed by rapid technological obsolescence, woefully short product life cycles, severe competencies with emerging globalization of markets and social responsibility etc.

Such changes have started posing challenges to Government, corporate and educationalist at all levels like never before. It requires a paradigm shift in preparing young engineers in the latest trends of technology through Hi-tech education.

Keeping this in mind, we have created GMIT with all facilities for students and academicians for effective knowledge transformation and thereby developing young budding engineers.

I hereby take this freedom to convey my best regards to all our students and desire to let them know that learning is not accomplished by chance, but should be sought with strenuous labour and aptitude, which is an on-going course.