About Transportation

GM Institute of technology is committed to provide transport facilities to its students & staff. It has a well maintained fleet of buses. The buses pick and drop students from various locations in Davangere and Harihar. A safe and timely service is the motto of the transport team at GMIT. The transport team consists of experienced drivers, skilled maintenance staff and a Transport Head to ensure smooth operations.

We have been operating 14 buses, which cavers 14 routes all the parts of the davangere & Harihar city. About 1400 Students have been using the benefits of transportation. Nine buses with 50 seating capacity & Five buses with 45 capacity are operated.

Centre of Excellence

We follow a systematic approach to diagnostic and improvement techniques to create a high-performing maintenance environment. Our practices reduce waste and eliminate unnecessary paperwork while improving shop performance.

This is done by:

* Instituting standard job times and performance management metrics.
* Employing efficient location design processes and systems.

Driver Inspection Technology

To ensure the safety of our students, First Student drivers perform a pre-trip inspection before each bus run and a post-trip inspection after all students are dropped off. Our maintenance system and directs our team's attention to any urgent needs so we can continue to provide reliable, fully operational vehicles.

Maintenance Technicians

We take a comprehensive and systematic approach to technical training and development, knowing this is critical to superior maintenance performance. We hire experienced technicians, supply them with the latest tools and diagnostic equipment. This approach ensures the excellent maintance system.

Transportation committee:

Dr. P. PRAKASH - Principal

Department Of Mechanical Engineering
Transportation Head & Associate Professor

Asst. Transportation Incharge
Department Of Mechanical Engineering